Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fun with Tori!

Tori locked herself out of her room tonight, so she is going to spend the night here tonight because the front desk is closed until tomorrow and that is where she needs to go if she wants to get her room unlocked. Poor kid, this is the fourth time, I think that she has locked herself out this year and unfortunately, it is going to cost her big. Anyway to pass the time and because I really want to, we are watching "Wilderness Family". Now, when I was younger, I really liked the movies, but now that I am older, I think that the family in them was kinda stupid because so many of their problems could have been easily prevented if they always carried guns with them and followed the buddy system. As well, they could have done better if they weren't constantly chasing after the dog who was chasing after the bears and other animals that were attacking them. Good grief, I hope that if I ever get out in the wilderness, I won't be as stupid as that. Anyway, even with all of its problems, I still like the show and can't stop watching it even if I do find issues with it!!


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