Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We are going to have SNOW!

I just found out yesterday that it is supposed to snow here next week!!! Yikes!! I am not sure how I feel about that other than that I think that it is going to be awfully cold! I am not used to snow at all, having never lived where it snows reguarly. I don't think, though, that it does snow reguarly here, being in the valley and what not. But, I could be wrong. All I really know is that I do not have much when it comes to snow clothes, so if it does decided to snow, I sure hope that it isn't very much snow and that it doesn't last very long! Otherwise, I am going to have to find boots and all sorts of other snow related items. At any rate, maybe it will be fun when it snows and I can make a little tiny snowman- I always thought that that would be fun to do but never had enough snow to do it.


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