Sunday, December 7, 2008

This whole weekend has been filled with doing schoolwork, mostly paper writing, and I'm afraid that it has made my head hurt quite a lot. I am so sick of writing papers, but I have at least four more to work on. I'm not really looking forward to doing them but I am excited to have school over and done with. We only have this week and next and then we are out for vacation. I am looking forward to that, but since I am taking winter break classes, it isn't going to be much of a vacation, but it should be less stressful since it will be less classes, so therefore or at least hopefully, less work. Tomorrow, though, I have a lot more paper writing to do but hopefully, after tomorrow, I will have both of my big papers done and then I will just have to work on my three little papers-- which sort of constitutes on big paper. That, I think I can handle a lot more than three more big papers!!


Dori said...

I wish you the best with writing your papers and I hope that your head stops hurting soon. I hope you can get a little bit of rest too.

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