Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Head Feels Better

My head feels a lot better now that I took some medicine. It is amazing what aspirin can do! Since my head was feeling better, Tori and I watched a few episodes of House on USA. We love that show and right now they are playing some of the older ones that we haven’t had a chance to seen. During the show though, I couldn’t pay too much attention because Tori saw some neck-warmers on the internet earlier and she really wanted me to make her one. After I did a google image check, (since I had no idea what it was supposed to look like) and I was able to make a pretty cool and nice looking neck warmer. Now, she wants me to make her some mittens and hat to do with the neck warmer. I know that I can make a hat, but it has been awhile since I made some mittens. Hopefully, I can remember how to make the mittens. I’m pretty sure that I have the general idea down in my head, but I am not sure how they are going to turn out—hopefully I’ll do a good job on them! If not, I do have a lot of time during break that I will be able to work on them!


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