Monday, December 15, 2008


I've finally buckled down and started working on my last two response papers. I really don't like doing these, but they are worth a fair amount of points so it is important that I get them done. Besides, if I do them all, then I get some extra credit points, which is exciting because I want to make sure that I get an A in that class, especially because I am not so sure what I am going to get in the rest of my classes. Actually, that isn't true, I'm sure that I am going to get another A, but in my other two classes I have no idea. I think that I am only going to get B's in those classes, but I figure a few As and a few Bs aren't bad at all! I am just so tired of school that I want to be done with it but I don't actually want to do the work, which is prohibiting me from finishing. I hope that makes sense! Anyway, I had better get back to writing this paper since I am actually in a mood to work on it. Hopefully, I can get done with both of the response papers tonight so then I don't have to deal with them tomorrow.


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