Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Sick :(

I am unfortunately sick and it came a great time too. Ha, anyways, my poor voice is fading and I have a nasty cough. I think that the problems with my voice though are because of my cough, because it hurts and irritates my throat when I cough. I have a lot of cough drops though, thanks to my roommate Claire and my own personal stash. She is really doing her best to make sure that I feel better soon. She even gave me this shower steam thing that is supposed to help me breathe better. I am going to try it tomorrow and see how it works. It sounds interesting. I am also drinking a lot of fluids and having soup, so hopefully, I will be better soon enough! After I finish all of my papers and my finals, then I'll be able to rest up a lot more too!


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