Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday, I got the most exciting thing in the mail. At least, I thought that it was really exciting. I got a new medicine ball- one of those weighted balls that are about the size of a really small basket ball. My roommate turned me on to them, and I love it so much! I just love throwing the ball back and forth at myself because it is such a good stress reliever. It also came with this nifty little dvd thing that can also be downloaded onto an ipod as an audio workout. I haven't gotten the chance to try it out yet, but hopefully, I will be able to get to it tomorrow once I am completely done with school. I am so excited!!! But, tomorrow is going to be pretty busy... I guess we will just have to see what is going on and what not. But I really hope that I will be able to get to it!


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