Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Car Full of Stuff!

When my brother in law and my sister came to visit yesterday, they brought down a car full of stuff for me and Tori-- it was actually amazing how much stuff was in there! One thing that they brought down was food such as some couscous, a 5 pound bag of peanuts!(don't know how I am going to eat all of those seeing as Tori won't), a whole bunch of homemade chili, some homemade turkey chow mien (this I am looking forward to eat), some rice pilaf, some granola, some cereal, some peas, some crackers, a cookie that Johnny made for me, a big thing of turkey lunch meat, some preserves that my grandma made up, some animal crackers, some grape leaves, some feta cheese, corn dogs, pancake mix-- two types, syrup and some other stuff that I am forgetting at the moment. According to Tori, they were going to bring more, but as it stand, that is a whole lot of stuff! It was amazingly nice and I am sure that it will keep us fed for awhile! As well, my sister brought down a box of kitchen stuff from my grandma- mostly that included some Tupperware containers of all different shapes and sizes and all with lids. I am very excited about the lid part because I always lose those! As well, my grandma also sent down some crystal things and some deviled egg trays. I also got sent some presents, like apple cider mix, these weird rain stick-- okay not really rain sticks, but they sure sound like it--- exercise thingy, and I can't remember what else. Tori also got a whole lot of new clothes. Anyway, I think that we are good on quite a lot for the present moment!


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