Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tori and I have been watching movies today! It has been quite fun. We just got done watching the new "Pride and Prejudice"-- the one with Keira Knightley. It was quite interesting and entertaining. I am a huge fan of BBC miniseries and since those are super accurate I get mad at the movies because they are often not that accurate. Of course, they don't really have the time to be that accurate, because it wouldn't be a movie anymore and it would turn into a miniseries. I don't know what movie we are going to watch next. There are a couple that we are debating about...but there isn't one particular one that is popping out at us!

I got my new Mp3 player today. It is really cute and I am quite fond of it. It is a Colby MP3 player, but for some reason, my macbook is not recognizing it when I plug it into the USB jack. Does anyone have any ideas for this? Obviously, I need to be able to get my computer to recognize it so that I could files on it. If not, then it was an expensive FM radio! Okay, it wasn't that expensive because I got it on sale for $16, but I would still like it to work! So, if anyone has any ideas on how I can get my macbook to recognize that I have it plugged in, I would be grateful! Very, very grateful!!


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