Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tori and I have been hanging out this evening and it has been very nice. First, she came over and we made turkey burgers. They were oh so delicious!! I don't know all of what she put in there, but they are always so delicious. My roommate ate with us, she brought some french fries, so the whole dinner was quite, quite delicious. After dinner, which was so filling that I have not wanted to eat since, Tori and began to watch movies. First, we watched "Click", which I thought was quite a good movie and quite sad. I think that it had a pretty good message- don't take life for granted and do the things that you want to do- don't put them off. Then, we started watching "Cranford", which I watched earlier this year when it was on PBS and I absolutely loved. Tori hasn't seen it yet, so we watched the first two episodes and Tori absolutely loved! I hope that she can wait until Monday when the second disc comes. Tomorrow, she should be pretty busy though, we all be, making the turkey, so hopefully that will distract her!


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