Monday, November 24, 2008

SO, I have not done any homework for a few days and I feel so guilty. Looking at my list, I know that I ought to be doing some, but I am having too delightful of a time not doing anything of real importance on vacation that I can't rightly bring myself to it. My plan is, but the best laid plans often go a miss, to get a lot of reading and writing done. I hope, I hope, that I can get some of it done or I will have way too much to do next week when it is not vacation. I love myself too much to do that to myself so I will just have to buckle down and it some of it done! Besides, I really won't want to work on Wednesday because they are having another NCIS marathon, and since I have become addicted to NCIS, I am going to want to watch them all. What can I say, what can I say.

Tomorrow too, besides working on my homework, I have to figure out what they have been doing with the mail here because i have not gotten something that I know that I should have gotten back on Saturday! I'm very upset because it is the second part of this miniseries that Tori and I are watching and we don't want to watch the last episode that we have without the other disc because the other disc has the last episode ever on. Anyway, I hope that the person at the front desk will be able to shed some light on where it is because it is aggrivating me. I will just have to wait and see!


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