Thursday, November 20, 2008

Right now I am making banana bread with my left over bananas- the ones that got too ripe for my taste buds so I froze them-- and it smells so good! I love banana bread but I have only made it once since I have been here. Probably because I stopped buying too many bananas so I had a perfect amount each time, or just one left over. It took me awhile to collect enough, but I am glad that I did because nothing, well very few things, are as good homemade banana bread!! My roommate, Claire is very excited because I said that she could take a loaf home with her. She says that her mother is going to be thrilled. I'm glad either way because I couldn't eat, even with the help of Tori, two loaves of banana bread.

I'm also excited because I just remembered that I have 30 dollars of rewards money from my bank that I get to spend! I'm so excited!! I have to look at the prize store and see what I can get. Hopefully, there will be something really nice that I need or at least like on there. I don't like it when I have reward points and rewards that I would not want to get. I'm going to check it out and if I get something exciting, I'll update you all!


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