Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay, I just finished my paper! So I am happy on that front, but I also just got the most annoying phone call! My aunt decided to call me and yell at me for telling my cousin a secret that one, I did not even tell her-- at least I did not tell it to her the way my aunt made it sound, and two, I did not even know was a secert. Her brother told me that her boyfriend was coming out for Thanksgiving, so when I asked my cousin about it, she said he wasn't because he couldn't afford and I said okay. From that little snippet of conversation, I guess my cousin guessed that her siblings are flying him out for Thanksgiving, but I never told her that they were because frankly, I did not know that they were until my aunt just told me. Secondly, her brother never told me that it was a secret and not to tell her. I just assumed that she would know if her boyfriend was coming to thanksgiving or not. Of course, this did not stop my aunt from yelling me about it. Argh! I have no idea if my explanation of events even made any sense, but it does to me and it makes me upset to yelled at for something that isn't my fault at all. Okay. end of rant. Thanks!!


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