Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I went to the store yesterday and I spent so much money!!! Well, Tori went with me and we both paid for it, but we still spend a lot of money. But, we got a lot of good stuff and a lot of things that we needed for when we have turkey. We also got our regular groceries too. It was so much but luckily we borrowed my roommate's cart and took that to the store. It was nice to have it, but it was pretty annoying to lug it down the street and back again because it works beest on smooth pavement or asphalt surfaces but part of the way there involves neither of those things so we had to pick it up and carry it. It was annoying but it was far, far less trouble than trying to carry all of our groceries back from the store. I'm so glad that my roommate will always let me borrow her cart, but I do think that for next year, I am going to want to get something like that since we won't be living together. It will be nice!

I also got these delicious cinammon waffles and everybody likes them so much that I think that I am going to have to go back and get more since they are not going to last for a very long time at all at the rate we are eating them! It's bad, but they just taste so good!


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