Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hope that everyone who went out on Black Friday had fun and was able to get good deals. I did not go shopping at all, save to order out some food for dinner because I had a gift certificate for $16.50. It was so-so food and if I hadn't had the gift certificate I would have been more upset about it, but whatever, I don't think that I will be ordering from there again. It is hard for me and Tori to order out from any restaurant because it takes us awhile to pick one, because we have such difference tastes in food, and then we have to pick what we want to eat. It's pretty funny in retrospect.

Anyway, my big plans for today include doing homework because I have been slacking on that so much this vacation week! Before it was vacation, I thought that I would get so much homework done, but when said vacation actually came, I only got a small amount done because I was having too good of a time on vacation. Of course, I have to pay for it now because I have a lot that needs to be done. Whatever, I will just be happy when the semester is over and I can have a vacation that is a vacation!


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