Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blech, I just realized that I have three papers that are due before I go on Thanksgiving break and I have seven quizzes that I have to take!! Yikes!! Luckily for me, two of those papers are pretty short ones-- just about three pages each, but I am not looking forward to writing them. Oh well, it must be done, and I will do it because I don't want to ruin my grades with so little time left before school is out. The other paper that I have to write is more of a term paper, and I think that it has to be about 7 pages long. I am not really looking forward to writing that one, but I am looking forward to having it done. It is always nice to finish projects and turn them in, even if I hate working on them and doing them! I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving break though, although I am not quite sure what is going on then, other than my massive amount of homework, it will just be nice to have some time off!


Mountain Woman said...

I remember those days of having to get all those papers done before the holidays. Don't stress too much!

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