Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, I did not take a bike ride, but I did go on a short walk and it was pretty nice. I also got my bike headlight in the mail so I just rigged that up to my bicycle and now I am all set! What more could I need? I have gloves, a pump, a bike light, plenty of reflectors and a good helmet. So I think that I am pretty much set on the bicycle front. Whew. I also got some of my homework done so I am good on that front. I do have some reading that I need to do, but I have been putting that off. Hopefully I can get going on that in a little bit. I was just tired of doing homework so I had to take a break. I am really excited though because tonight I get to watch "Bones", which means that I'll be taking a break then and will definitely need to have my homework done before that!! Anyway that is all that I can think of that is going on. I might do laundry later if Tori is less grumpy, we shall see!


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