Friday, October 24, 2008

My sister Libby called this me this morning about 8:30, I don't know for everyone else, but this is pretty early for me!! Sure, when I lived back at home with the children, I was up at 8:30, heck I was up way before 8:30. But since I have gone off to college, I am not waking up as early as I used too-- now I have the very rare, at least it used to be rare, pleasure of sleeping in most everyday. So, when she called, I was not exactly awake nor very coherent, but she just talk me just long enough to thoroughly wake up me. I hate it when that happens! I really couldn't go back to sleep after we talk, although I did try, so I got up and did some stuff on the computer. Now, it is only three hours later, but it feels like I have been awake for a much longer time than that! Anyway, she called me to discuss the remaining of a baby that our mom is adopting, she just wants to add in one additional name to his name, not change his name although. Apparently, she wanted a name that was biblical, began with a B, and not Benjamin. My sister was all for Moses, so I suggested, in my sleep no less, that she should name him Boses....yeah, that went over really well. They are still thinking about names, non B ones included, so if anyone has any good suggestions, I"ll pass them along!


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