Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've decided to watch one of my favorite series this weekend as a treat. I'm watching Christy, and if you have never seen that show, then I suggest that you do. I've loved it ever since I rediscovered it a few years ago, in 2005 and I think. I'm pretty sure that I blogged about it on my Xanga. One of my favorite characters in the show is the post man Ben Pentland. He is so funny when he calls out to deliver the mail. Of course, I also love Dr. MacNeill, what can I say? His accent is the best that there is! I never really was a fan of David, just because his character never struck me as right. Of course, the series does in a terrible way, such a cliffhanger!! I have the followup movies, but there are not the like series. Christy's character in that always struck me as false. Anyway, have any of you ever seen it? If not, I do suggest it.


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