Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It is so nice outside, just nice and breezy. I think that I am going to take a bike ride later this afternoon to parts of this town that I haven't seen yet. I just have to remember that I have to do in a few hours or it will get too late and run into dinner. Since the sun goes down so much earlier now, I don't want to go after dinner because I don't like to bike in the dark. Plus, that would completely ruin the point of enjoying the day outside! ha! I do have to make sure that I can finish some of my homework before I go out there, though. It is hard to believe that we are now officially halfway through the semester, it is a scary thought because it went by so fast! It also means that soon enough the semester will be over!! I have so much work to do before then though, so hopefully it will slow down or I can get all of my work done!! Preferably both!


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