Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm so very tired of reading and what not. I think that I have read too much these past few days/ weeks. I love to read, but I get so caught up in it that I do little else and right now I am in the mood for some real life. I hope that makes sense. Of course, I have had school and what not, but I haven't really been paying that much attention because my nose and my head have been stuck in my book. Blech! I think that I am going to take a break from reading and try to get on with my life for a little while before I read anymore. Too much reading is bad. I think that I am going to watch Miss Marple and bemoan the fact that I don't have any popcorn but at least I will feel better watching that! I love it and I love British accents, so I think that I am good on that front!


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