Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm so late tonight-- or rather I am up very early! But I can't help it, I've been re-reading all of the Little House on the Prairie books since last Thursday and I can't stop until I am done. I am just that sort of person. Right now I am on "Little Town on the Prairie" and I am almost done with it. There are only two more books after that, but good thing I have the Rose books or I just wouldn't know what to do! I can hardly help myself or contain my excitement! I wish I had all of the Caroline books, all the books before that. I know most people read these books when they are children but there are certain books that I hope that I am never too old to read. Of course, I will be sad when I've read all the books that I have, but that won't be for awhile yet. Besides, it has been a good long time since I've really stopped to read books so I'm super happy that I am reading more. I should say that it has been a long time since I've read books for pleasure because I have been reading books, they just have all been school books! Anyway, I think that I ought to finish my chapter and then head on to bed. Goodnight everyone!


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