Friday, October 10, 2008

I made chicken pot for dinner today and it was greatly enjoyed. It was, however, an insane amount of work! It took me about three hours of working on it before it was done since I did it all from scratch. However, because I was cooking for picky eaters, it took me longer than it normally would have! A traditional pot pie, as you may or may not know, has celery and peas in it. Which is delicious, but since Lacey hates those items, I substituted in broccoli-- which worked out well but it did not taste traditional. Anyway, it turns out that Claire hates broccoli, so I made with celery and peas in it anyway. That was definitely what took the most amount of time, making two completely different sets of filling and then rolling out more pastry dough since I didn't find out that Claire hates broccoli until after I had done all of that prep work. Anyway, it was appreciated, but I think I am good on making chicken pot pie for awhile!


ANGiE said...

OMG i love chicken pot pie lol
your blog its really cool :) thats mine wat do ya think?

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