Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have a really sad story to tell about my poor skillet. Before I came to school, I searched the internet and I found what I thought was a pretty decent pot/skillet set so I bought it. It is a set that is white enamel on the inside and blue on the outside. The first time I used the skillet though, I realized that it was going to be a major pan. The enamel in the skillet so burnt up!!! I was able to clean most of it out but there was still a lot of staining from usage. And, the poor skillet would smoke so badly all the time I tried to use it. This got me to thinking that I ought to find a different skillet set, which I did and should get here on Tuesday. Anyway, today, I decided to use my blue skillet to make some eggs. After I cooked them, I noticed that there were all these flecks of white on them. The stupid enamel had come off of the pan and onto my food! I threw my eggs away and the pan. I can't imagine that ingesting enamel or the sealer that is on the skillet would be very healthy for me! I have never noticed that before with the pan, so I really hope that that never happened before. The new set that I order has a non stick seal on the skillets, so long as I don't scratch that up with metal, it should be good. These new ones all are red on the outside, so they will go with the rest of my blue pots. Eventually, I think that I want to get some cast iron skillets and what not, because I know that those should last for a long, long time. I had two small cast iron skillets but those got left up at home because they needed reseasoned and good cleaning--- they had rust all over them from people putting them in the dishwasher--- I know!!! Anyway, does anyone have any good suggestions for what pots, pans, and skillets that work well? I don't want to have to keep rebuying such items because it will cost more in the long run than if I just get something well made at once-- even if it costs more than the cheap stuff. I'm very open to suggestions.


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