Saturday, October 18, 2008

I finally got my popcorn! It was very good but I accidently burnt some when I was making it on the stove. I haven't done that since who knows when and I put too much popcorn in the pan. Luckily, there wasn't very much that got burned but it sure did make a whole lot! Luckily, my roommates also like popcorn so it wasn't so bad for me to share. In fact, it made for a very nice evening. I just got done making cinnamon rolls, while, preparing them, I do still have to bake them tomorrow. But, it should make for a very, very good breakfast!! I just used a recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook, so it wasn't anything special. We are also going to have bacon for breakfast tomorrow and eggs. I am not sure of what else, but it should be good none the less!


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