Monday, October 27, 2008

I am so getting a head cold. I've been feeling it for a few days now, but yup, it is slowly getting worse. I am rather achey and my nose hurts. It could also be the cold and the wind, but since my new roommate is sick, I am going to assume the former rather than the latter. Tori is going to go and get me some cold medicine later from Walgreens. i would go and get it myself but I am not really feeling well enough to walk down there and get it. But, who knows, I could get a second wind and head down there after dinner. We shall see.

Today, even though it is colder, it has been pretty nice. I love all the leaves on the ground and what not, it is really nice to see fall, finally appearing! It makes me happy because it has been so hot for so long here. I do wonder when we are going to get more rain though. The rain we had the other day, week, whatever, was the first measurable rain since February. I thought that the weather man said we were going to get some more soon, but I guess I might have been wrong... since none has come at all. I'll have to remember to tune into the weather later so that I can see if we are going to have any or not. I would love it if we had some because I love the rain, especially when it is nice and gentle. Everything smells nice and everything looks nice too. It's like the earth is getting her face washed. If that makes any sense..


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