Saturday, October 25, 2008

Even though I put myself on a leave of absence from crocheting, I spent so much time doing just that yesterday! In fact, I made three and a half hats for the kids! I've been promising to send them a box for quite some time now and I didn't want to keep delaying it, so I decided to just bite the bullet and finish all the projects that I had for them. Once I am done with this last hat, I will move on to the finishing touches on Rosie's princess dress. Then, I have to finish sewing her other dress, but beyond that I should be good on both fronts! The rest of what I am sending them is all of this old costume jewelry that my grandma sent me. I haven't any use for it, but when you are four, it is like jewels and what not. They should have fun playing with that for awhile! I am also going to get some candy for them at the store-- along with the macaroni and tuna that Rosie personally requested-- that should make them happy for a long time!


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