Thursday, September 4, 2008


So today, I came back from taking out my trash and I fell over my lovely bicycle (I keep it inside and by the front door). Anyway, it was a rather painful experience as I bruised my ribs and twisted my ankle pretty bad. Poor Tori was a trooper and went to the store all by herself because I couldn't do it. (It is just right across the street). Hopefully it will be feeling better tomorrow as I need to go and get some chicken for dinner! We have these free chicken coupons that we just got and are in dire anticipation to use. Dinner tomorrow night is going to be so delicious and so much better than tonight's!! (Which sadly consisted of a banana and some corn-- yeah way to go on the health!) Hopefully I can eat my bananas quicker this time since I still have the brown ones in the freezer from last time-- I am going to make them into some good banana bread after I get some nuts. (Must go on the list for tomorrow)! So the second week of school is almost a close, but I still have so much that I need to do! I am of the mind that I am going to have homework until school lets out for vacation in December. Oh well, I wouldn't expect anything else!!


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