Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There might have been some slight confusion as to what I was saying last night in regards to television shows. I was going to watch "House" while my roommate watched "The Biggest Loser". We both have our own TVs, so it is not a problem to watch two different things. Also, since electricity is included into the rent, along with a slew of other things, it doesn't matter if we have two going at the same time. But, as it turns out, I did not watch "House" because I fell asleep about five minutes into it. Tori, of course, was super appalled since she had come over to watch with it. I called her when I finally woke up--- about an hour after it had ended, and she filled me in on all the details. Anyway, since I had been asleep, everyone decided not to go the store then to give me a chance to sleep since I've been sleeping so poorly. Which, was super nice, but turns out that it was not necessarily since I couldn't fall back asleep until about 2 am. It royally sucked. Now, today, at some time, I am going to go to the store with Tori. Yesterday, I said we could go at 2 pm, which is what time she gets out of school, but I just remembered that I have to go to school myself because we are having a group meeting. I should be home by 4 to 4:30 though, so hopefully we can go then. Although, Tori might just go without me since we can never seem to go to the store at the same time anymore. I hope she can wait though, or wants to go back again, because we had a HUGE shopping list and I have both the grocery bags!! Although, I do know that she has a roommate meeting sometime tonight, so she might not be able to make it then. AARRGH!! Seriously, we are not very good at this!!!


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