Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, they did not inspect my room today like I thought that they would. Aargh!! They are going on all week, but this is driving me crazy!! Luckily, Tori is such a good sister and is letting me study in her room. I just can't focus in here and since everything is on my computer, I can't take it to the study lounge because there is no WIFI in there. Of course, I can't exactly get into the study lounge right now anyway because sometime between last night and this morning I noticed that my id card and my laundry card are gone!! I either dropped them last night or I lost them somewhere in my room. If I can't find them by tomorrow afternoon then I am going to have to call the ID office and tell them that I lost mine. It really sucks but it will cost me $5 to replace each-- something that I am not looking forward to paying at all! Aargh! Everyone, please send me some good thoughts and vibes that I can find them so I don't have to pay $10-- actually it will be more than that since I had money on my laundry card-- enough to do 5 or 6 more loads of laundry!!! Ah, this week has just not been my week.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It would be great if they would inspect my room so I don't feel awkward being in here for the rest of the week and it would be great if I could find my id card and my laundry card. I"m crossing my fingers and here's hoping!!!


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