Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So they are doing room inspections this week, health and safety inspections they call them, so I have been doing homework in Tori's room since her room got inspected yesterday and my room hasn't been inspected yet. I had to come up here because I know that I would not be able to focus whatsoever if I were in my own room waiting for some knock on the door. No thank you! I did run into them yesterday, the inspectors that is, and they said they thought that they would get to my room by today. So, I am really hoping that when I go down there later, that my room is all inspected and I can relax again. There are things that I need to do in there, like a shower, etc, but I don't want to because I don't want to make a mess or anything. Plus, how embarrassing would it be to have inspectors come while I was in the shower? no thank you!! If it comes it, I can always take a shower here in Tori's room, I'm sure...but I'm used to my shower and my room and that is where I would like to do it, you know? Anyway, I had better get back to what I was doing before! I hope that everyone is having a lovely day!


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