Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm completely delaying going to the store, and for no good reason. Okay, I do have good reason, mostly it is so hot here during the day that it makes it pretty nasty to have to walk down to the store and buy groceries. Even though the grocery store is super close, once you get there, you feel nasty and ready to go back home to take a shower. So, I've been going a lot at night, every has. The only problem with going at night is that I am super tired at the point from the day and not looking forward to going to shopping, which is pretty much the sentiment of everyone. I'm not out of food or anything, but I do need to go at some point this week. We just went the other night, but I didn't get a lot of stuff, although maybe I should have!! Anyway, I'm off to contemplate that for a little while longer, and hopefully at some point, I will make a decision! Heheheh.


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