Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 80's dance was a lot fun! Not that many people actually came, but Lacey, Claire, Tori and I all had a lot of fun! It was quite funny because we had hoped that there would be prizes there for best costume and what not and the prize for dressing up was pizza. I actually think that the RAs must get a deal or get free pizza from Dominos because they always have it there-- it is the staple food at their parties. Not only did I have fun at the dance, but I also had a lot of fun before the dance making my costume. I made leggings, hair scrunchies and a really cute purse out of an old jean pocket that I had. I will have to post a picture of my purse, because it was my favorite part of my outfit and I think that it turned out really well! In the end, I looked like I was a middle schooler from the 80's, Lacey was a jazzerciser, Tori was a rocker gal, and Claire was a rocker guy. We definitely had the best costumes there! A few other people dressed up but nobody was as decked out as we were, which was great, because we totally won all the pizza!! Well, I am getting quite sleepy, so I think I shall get off for now. Goodnight everyone or good morning/day depending on where you are!


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