Friday, July 25, 2008

An Interesting Week

So, this has been a fairly interesting week, which has kept me from keeping this updated.  We had a very interested buyer come over last friday, and again this wednesday.  He was supposed to make a decision on Wednesday, but last I heard he is still thinking about it.  I've been in ups and downs all week long waiting to find out only to learn that there is nothing to find out yet because his mind isn't yet made up!  Oh! and Oy! I can't even begin to explain all of my frustrations with that because I am not a very patient person and I do not like to wait, especially when it is something big- like this!  Unfortunately, since I am not psychic, there is nothing for me to do but wait and see what happens.  Whatever.

In other related news, we are having an open house again on Sunday-- which may or may not be a good thing.  The last time we had an open house, the realtor did not stay the whole time- he came late and left about an hour early.  I really hope that he stays the whole time this time and that this is actually a productive experience.   Last time, we were suppose to have a picnic with Rosie but she ran off to the mountain house.  Perhaps this time we actually can-- if not, I don't know what we are going to be doing, although I had better get cracking on my last bit of homework before the school semester ends.


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