Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Saturday!!

Hey Folks and Happy Saturday... since this is pretty much the end of the week, okay it is the end of the calendar week, I've been thinking back on how my week has been.  And, I think that I have to say, as far as weeks go, this has been pretty awesome!  I hope that next week is just as good.  So far things are looking up, up, and upper!! I am happy because I will soon have the money for the rest of the things I need, I can now pay the hotel bill, and I have officially put money in the grocery fund for when I go down to school!  Now granted, I still need some more money for that, but so far, things are looking very good.   

I'm very excited because soon I will be the owner of a new pair of shoes!  I really need to get some and my wonderful grandma was kind enough to send me the money for them.  I am getting a pair of sanuks, I am still debating on the actual pair, but I am still super excited!


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