Thursday, July 10, 2008


Okay, so we were having a realtors open house today, and our realtor said that it would be at 9:45 to about 11:15-- because he didn't know when our turn was.  (All the realtors get together on Thursday and drive around to look at houses on the market).  But he came at 9:20!!! Apparently we were first on the list and he thought we were third or fourth!!!  Luckily, we had all the house ready by then but we hadn't left!  

So here he comes, with about twenty realtors and they all walk around the house really quickly.  The whole thing took about 10 minutes maybe.  But our realtor stayed an extra 10 just make sure that no one else was coming. LOL!! It was so funny.   So, I am back now because I saw him before he left-- at home, when I surely didn't think that I would be home until about 11:30 because I have to take a test soon, and I was just going to take the whole thing at the airport since they have the free wifi.

Hehehe! Too Funny!


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